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 Crystal River, FL


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Crystal River Area Lakes, Rivers and Springs


Crystal River has seven major flowing waterways. There are ponds small enough to skip a rock all the way across and lakes and rivers large enough to facilitate a power or sail boat. There are springs where Florida's underground rivers surface. These are the areas where manatees converge to enjoy the 72 degree water that flows year round.


The Chain of Lakes near Inverness connects lakes for more than 20 miles of of boating, swimming and fishing fun.

The mixture of fresh water springs flowing to the Gulf of Mexico, salt and fresh water meeting, great year round temperatures, great outdoor guides, many bait stores and friendly locals make Crystal River one of the top fishing destinations in North America.


There are six large lakes in or near Crystal River. The lakes are:

• Big Lake Henderson
• Little Lake Henderson
• Lake Holathlikaha
• Lake Rousseau
• Tsala Apopka Lake Chain
• Lake Hernando

Tsala Apopka Lake Chain near Inverness is the largest lake in the Crystal River Area. Tsala Apopka Lake once yielded the biggest largemouth bass caught in The State of Florida!


Seven major rivers flow through The Crystal River Area, including Crystal River, Homosassa River, Hall's River, Chassahowitzka River, Withlacoochee River and Salt River. Of these, the Withlacoochee is definitely the favorite of boaters, especially those in canoes and kayaks.

The Withlacoochee traverses several counties and is navigable for approximately 72 miles, making for one of the country’s most pleasant river excursions as it winds through wild country past interesting geological formations and countless wild creatures.

Several other rivers are situated along the winding Gulf of Mexico shore and take the traveler through brackish water that hosts large communities of manatees, those very large, gentle marine mammals that can be spotted all year and are especially numerous in the cooler months when they seek out the stable comfort of spring-fed rivers.


There are more freshwater springs in Florida than any other state, and Crystal River is especially rich in these natural features. Because very large volumes of water flow to the surface at a constant temperature of 72 degrees all year, the estuaries that receive the outflow are warm manatees. The estuaries of Citrus County play host to this country’s largest gathering of manatees.

Springs near Crystal River include:

• Blue Spring
• Chassahowitzka Springs
• Crystal River Springs Group
– Tarpon Springs
– American Legion Spring
– Gator Hole
– Idiots Delight
– Middle Springs
– Shark Sink
• Homosassa Springs
• Ruth Spring
• Other Springs
– Crab Creek Spring
– Potter Spring
– Salt Creek Springs

If you would like to enjoy the outdoors, have fun in the sun and splash in the water, please consider Crystal River Vacation area.

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